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US EPA Superfund Site
Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) Advisory Work

Due to webhosting changes, some links shown within some reports and papers listed below may no longer be active. You may email Dr. Lee at to obtain the current link.

Links are provided below to Websites & and Sections of this
main website that contain information and reports developed by
Dr. G. Fred Lee in his capacity as Superfund TAG Advisor.

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CBA B&B Superfund Site Website

Pollution of soil and groundwater with pesticides from operations of Brown & Bryant, Inc. facility in Arvin, CA

DSCSOC LEHR Superfund Site Website

Pollution of soil and groundwater with radioactive and other campus wastes from the University of California, Davis

Lava Cap Superfund Site Reports

Pollution of soil and groundwater with arsenic from tailings associated with former gold mining operations near Nevada City, CA

Sydney Tar Ponds Reports

Canadian "superfund" site - Pollution of estuarine sediments with PCBs and PAHs from steel mill wastes near Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Other Sites

Work on other sites including Brisbane Baylands, CA

Additional Papers & Reports

of G. Fred Lee concerning evaluation and remediation/management of public health & environmental quality impacts of hazardous chemical - Superfund Sites