Examples of Landfills Evaluated by
G. Fred Lee and A. Jones-Lee

Arizona (State Landfilling Regulations)

Verde Valley - Copper Tailings Pile Closure
Mobile - Southpoint Landfill

(State Landfilling Regulations)

Colusa County - CERRS Landfill
San Gabriel Valley - Azusa Landfill
City of Industry - Puente Hills Landfill
North San Diego County, 3 landfills
San Diego County - Gregory Canyon Landfill
El Dorado County Landfill
Yolo County Landfill
Half Moon Bay - Apanolio Landfill
Pittsburg - Keller Canyon Landfill
Chuckwalla Valley - Eagle Mountain Landfill
Mountain View - Mountain View Landfill
Barstow - Hidden Valley Landfill
Mojave Desert - Broadwell Hazardous Waste Landfill
Cadiz - Bolo Station-Rail Cycle Landfill
University of California-Davis Landfills (4)
San Marcos - San Marcos Landfill
Placer County - Western Regional Sanitary Landfill
Placer County – Turkey Carcass Disposal Pits
Imperial County - Mesquite Landfill
Los Angeles County - Calabasas Landfill
Los Angeles County - Palos Verdes Landfill
Contra Costa County - Concord Naval Weapons Station Tidal Area Landfill
Nevada County - Lava Cap Mine Area Landfill
Sylmar - Sunshine Canyon Landfill
Roseville - Roseville Landfill
San Diego County - Campo Landfill
Colusa County - Cortina Landfill
Imperial - Allied Imperial Landfill
Brisbane - Brisbane Landfill

(State Landfilling Regulations)

Last Chance/Brush - Hazardous Waste Landfill
Denver - Lowry Hazardous Waste Landfill
Telluride/Idarado Mine Tailings


Various MSW landfills - Evaluate past disposal of industrial wastes

Florida (State Landfilling Reg.)

Alachua County Landfill


Meriwether County - Turkey Run Landfill
Hancock County - Culverton Plantation Landfill

(State Landfilling Reg.)

Crystal Lake - McHenry County Landfill
Wayne County Landfill
Kankakee County - Kankakee Landfill
Peoria County - Peoria Waste Disposal (Hazardous Waste)
DeWitt County - Clinton Landfill Chemical Waste Unit

(State Landfilling Reg.)

Posey County Landfill
New Haven-Adams Center Landfill (Hazardous Waste)


New Orleans vicinity - Gentilly Landfill
- Chef Menteur debris disposal area

(State Landfilling Reg.)

Menominee Township - Landfill
Ypsilanti- Waste Disposal Inc. (Hazardous Waste - PCB's)


Reserve Mining Co., Silver Bay - taconite tailings
Wright County - Superior FCR Landfill


Jefferson County - Bob's Home Service Hazardous Waste Landfill


Humboldt County - Jungo Disposal Site

New Jersey
(State Landfilling Reg.)

Fort Dix Landfill (Superfund Site)
Cherry Hill - GEMS (Superfund Site)
Lyndhurst - Meadowlands Landfill
Scotch Plains - Leaf Dump

New York

Staten Island - Fresh Kills Landfill
Niagara Falls - Hazardous Waste Landfill
New York City - Ferry Point Landfill

North Dakota

Turtle River Township - Grand Forks Balefill Facility Landfill


Clermont County, Ohio - BFI/CECOS Hazardous Waste Landfill
Huber Heights - Taylorville Road Hardfill Landfill (C&DD)
Morrow County - Washington and Harmony Townships C&DD Landfills


Pottstown - Pottstown Landfill

Rhode Island

Richmond - Landfill (C&D)

South Carolina

Spartanburg - Palmetto Landfill

(State Landfilling Regulations)

Dallas/Sachse - Landfill
Fort Worth - Acme Brick Hazardous Waste Landfill
City of Dallas - Jim Miller Road Landfill
Pasadena - Mobil Mining and Minerals industrial waste pile


Coventry, Vermont - Coventry Landfill

Washington (State Landfilling Reg.)

Tacoma - 304th and Meridian Landfill


Madison and Wausau Landfills



27 Mile Landfill

Alberta, Canada

Waste Management-proposed Thorhild Landfill

Ontario, Canada
(Prov. Landfilling Reg.)

Greater Toronto Area - Landfill Siting Issues
Kirkland Lake - Adams Mine Site Landfill
Pembroke - Cott Solid Waste Disposal Areas

Manitoba, Canada
(Prov. Landfilling Reg.)

Winnipeg Area - Rosser Landfill

New Brunswick, Canada
(Prov. Landfilling Reg.)

St. John's - Crane Mountain Landfill

Nova Scotia, Canada

Sydney Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens Site


Mercyside Waste Disposal Bootle Landfill

Hong Kong

Three New MSW Landfills


County Cork - Bottlehill Landfill
Ballyduff, County Clare - Central Waste Management Facility


Yukong Gas Co. - Hazardous Waste Landfill

Mexico (Haz. Waste Landfilling Reg.)

San Luis Pontosi - Hazardous Waste Landfill

New Zealand

Hampton Downs Landfill
North Waikato Regional Landfill

Puerto Rico

Salinas - Campo Sur Landfill
Copper mine tailings

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